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Our Sensory Garden

A children’s garden…. a place to grow and learn in harmony with the natural world…

bid e ask opzioni binarie where space, time and natural resources light the  curiosity, wonder and engagement of young minds.

Tastylia Online Without Prescription The development of the natural environment can draw from design elements i.e. Line, colour, texture, shape, form, value, size and in so doing, heighten children’s intuitive, aesthetic understanding and spiritual connection to nature.

source url Opportunities to infuse the natural environment with complimentary auditory and visual stimuli can enhance learning and heighten this spiritual connection i.e. the impact of  light, sound, wind and water.

  • Children need ownership over spaces for play.
  • Spaces through which children can wander and engage.
  • Naturally occurring physical challenges.
  • Interesting resources used that stimulate play in and of themselves.
  • Natural resources that support children’s interest in constructing play.
  • environments.

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